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Over 35 Years of Experience in the Industry

MOTORSPORTS UNLIMITED provides race teams and engine builders with the best performance parts and accessories available. As one of the largest PAC, PSI and MOREL Distributors, Motorsports Unlimited carries a large selection of springs, lifters, retainers, valves, pistons, gaskets, pushrods, rocker arms and much more. Specializing in blown alcohol applications, Motorsports Unlimited is certainly "UNLIMITED" in parts and knowledge when it comes to racing.

For all the latest deals, competitive pricing and fast, convenient service look no further than Motorsports Unlimited Performance Parts Distributors. For more than 30+ years, the team at Motorsports Unlimited, led by engine builder and racing specialist Ken Juszczyk, has been a leader in servicing top race teams in finding the right parts for their needs.

Ken Juszczyk
Founder, Engine Builder & Racing Specialist