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​​The latest advancements in alloy and heat treating have allowed the PAC Racing Spring organization to achieve industry leading performance. The extremes of drag racing push the valve train to the limit and through years of development, we are able to facilitate designs that were previously unattainable. Please contact Motorsports Unlimited for Custom Spring Design or if you a have specific request or consult our catalog for springs that are currently available.

1200 Series Drag Racing Springs offer the latest technology in alloy and heat treating, but keep in mind the budget constraints of the Sportsman Racers. These springs come with the features needed to withstand sportsman style racing without the addition of chamfering and surface enhancements of our 1300 series line. A lot of the 1300 series spring designs are available in the 1200 series line-up for the budget minded racer.

1300 Series Drag Racing Springs are the premium choice for Drag Racing Professionals or sportsman competitors that continue to push the performance envelope. The heat treating and alloy choice is the latest available with the addition of chamfering, polishing, nano-peening, and other fatigue and load loss enhancements. The PAC Racing Development team works very hard to ensure this technology is one step above.

1400 Series Sportsman Beehive Springs recent rule changes allow these to be used in certain classes of racing. These springs offer the advantage of a lightened retainer, multi-arc (egg-shaped) wire, variable rate, and ultra high frequency. Combine these design features with the latest in heat treating and alloy selection and you have a significant performance advantage over traditional springs. PLEASE CALL FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE 1400 SERIES.

Dual Drag Race Springs With advancements in heat treating and alloy, PAC Racing Springs has been able to design dual springs that have a higher rate than traditional triple springs. Advantages of dual springs offer: lighter mass, higher frequency, higher rate, extreme engine RPM capability, and horsepower advantages. 

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